AEM Chicago establishes a relationship with the Cook County Treasurer

AEM Chicago establishes a relationship with the Cook County Treasurer.

On September 5th, our AEM Chicago board was invited by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas to an introductory meeting and a conversation about property taxes. Treasurer Pappas, who was elected to serve her sixth four-year term in November 2018, welcomed us in her office and introduced us to other members of her team, most of them of Hispanic heritage.

During the meeting, Treasurer Pappas shared her background as a member of the public service as well as the Treasury’s current situation and stated that the Treasury has an estimated $79 Million in refunds available to be claimed, some going back 20 years.

She indicated the process for property owners to check the status of their tax bill, so we can help inform the Hispanic community on how everyone can verify whether they are entitled to a refund.

The meeting helped AEM Chicago establish a relationship with the Treasurer’s office, and opened future collaborations with our members.

To check the status of your tax bill, Cook County property owners can visit, and select “Your Property Overview” as seen in the following instructions:

Celebrating companies with Mexican origin

CONGRATULATIONS to Jorge Ferraez, Latino Leadership Magazine’s Publisher and AEM DFW board member, for dedicating his most recent publication to the “Other Mexican Immigration”, and for including one of our founding AEM DFW board member, Victor Almeida on the front cover.

AEM’s Women’s Conference was a success

AEM Women’s Conference was honored to have the presence of Carolina Beltrán, the wife of the General Consul of México, Francisco De La Torre Galindo, who shared a special message to empower women attendees. Women in Business and the Public Sphere and Women in Technology, were other interesting topics covered during the conference.