Guanajuato is the cultural destiny of Mexico, it has a large history, rich culture, and a growing economy. It is the 5th tourist destiny in the country, and it is the heart of the automotive and aerospace clusters in country, 1 of 6 vehicles are assembled in Guanajuato. It is very attractive for foreign investors, and it has a diversified economy with more than 8 sector cluster, including leather industry, agroindustry, exporting to 147 countries all over the world. It is the 6th populated state in country, with 5.8 million inhabitants, Leon is the 4th populated city in the country with 27% of the state population. The industrial, investments, education, communications, infrastructure makes Guanajuato as one the most attractive places to live in Mexico. It has around 250,000 economic units, 86% are commerce and services.


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Jose Medina

Guanajuato Chapter President