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Developing a collaborative partnership between the US and Mexican private sector

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As a result of the entry-into-force of the USMCA and of likely readjustments in global value chains due to the US-China decoupling, there is an opportunity to boost trade and investment across multiple sectors in North America on specialized business sectors:

2021 Business Leadership Forums



Tuesday , April 13th, 2021

February, 2021

The Business Leadership forums will initially focus on two key US regions & seven strategic bilateral sectors.



Date pending








The format of the Forums

Each Business Leadership Forum will be held virtually in a 2-hour format to shape the private digital event the private sector investment and policy agenda bringing together more than 200 businessmen and government leaders.

Opening Ceremony

With a 20-minute duration, the General session will present the welcoming remarks by the event organizers and special guests as keynote speakers.

General Session

General Session led by industry experts to present insights and perspectives on trends and opportunities in key sectors to increase the competitiveness of the North American region.

Bi-National Industry Working Groups

Closed sessions integrated by top business leaders in each sector, moderated by industry experts and supported by policy specialists. Focus on identifying bi-national opportunities, roadblocks and policy recommendations. By invitation only

Closing Session

To finalize each event, we will have a Closing Session with a summary of the key topics discussed during the Forum an information about following steps that will be taken in each of the bilateral sectors.

To capture these opportunities, the private sector of both countries created The Business Leadership Forums to foster cooperation that would positively impact the region’s economic competitiveness:

In order to follow up on agreements, members of the Forum will meet once a year.

After the Business Leadership Forums

the main conclusions will be documented by business and policy experts,  and included in the US – Mexico Dashboard, to track key initiatives and policy recommendations  to foster bi-national competitiveness across sectors.

Sponsoring the Business Leadership Forums

Position your company as a leader shaping the future of the US-Mexico relationship and contribute to the construction of a more competitive and integrated North American Region. If you want more information on our Sponsorship levels, please contact us. 

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